Salvation by Being Good – Table of Contents

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The chapters with bullet points I have either started or finished and posted on this blog. The rest have yet to be started.



  • A Novel Idea – Taking Jesus at His Word
  • What Kind of Faith Are We Talking About Here?
  • Am I Missing Something Here?
  • Paul Understood Jesus the Same Way
  • Ezekiel Said the Same
  • Mankind’s Default Setting: Saved
  • Moral Influence Atonement vs. Penal Substitution Atonement
  • The Righteous Get a Different Salvation
  • Jesus Died for All
  • God is Just
  • The New Perspective on Paul – Is This That?


PART 1 – Righteousness That Works vs. Works Righteousness

The wicked is thrust down by his wrongdoing, but the righteous has a refuge when he dies. (Proverbs 14:32)

Salvation by Being Good

  • The Plan of Salvation – As I Formerly Understood It
  • Salvation Before and After Christ: Turn from Your Wicked Ways
  • God’s Merciful Nature Was Sufficient Before Christ
  • God’s Merciful Nature is Sufficient After Christ
  • The Matthew Road to Salvation
  • Who Are These Wicked People Who Aren’t Accepted by God?
  • Who Are the Righteous?
  • How Good is Good Enough?
  • The Influences That Lead to Modern Evangelical Soteriology

There Are None Righteous – Except For Everyone Who Is

  • We Are Doomed They Say
  • One Way to End Up With Universal Condemnation
  • They Say There Are No Good and Noble People – Except for Those Who Accepted Jesus
  • There Are None Righteous, No Not One – is Exaggeration
  • All of the Saints Who Were Considered Righteous Because of Their Conduct
  • All the Other People Who Are Considered Righteous – And Why They Are

Righteousness by Self-Effort is Good, Expected, and Attainable

  • Revelations From Jail
  • Self-Righteousness From Then Until Now
  • Religious People Corner the Market on Self-Righteousness
  • St. Paul the Former Self-Righteous Pharisee
  • We are Called to be Self-Righteous – In a Good Sort of Way
  • Are Christians the Only Righteous Ones in God’s Eyes?

What The Cross Accomplishes

Imputed Righteousness That is Real – Not Transferred

  • How Imputed Righteousness has been Perverted by Protestantism
  • Abraham Was Already Righteous
  • Noah Was Already Righteous
  • The Kingdom of God is Righteous People, Not Just Christians


PART 2 – The First Step Off the Reservation: Universal Condemnation to Hell – Because Human

Universal Condemnation – Christianity’s Self-Inflicted Wound

  • Who Told You That You Aren’t Good Enough for God?
  • Driving While Under the Influence of Calvinism
  • The Modern “Gospel” is Losing Ground in Modern Society


PART 3 – Meet the New Paul – Same as the Old Paul

Luther Didn’t Nail It – He Muffed It

Works vs. Faith

Faith vs. Faithfulness

Grace vs. Amazing Graciousness

Sola Fide – The Biblical Authors Didn’t Get the Message

Shifted Meanings: Salvation, Justification, Propitiation, Atonement

The Romans Road to Salvation


PART 4 – Why Jesus? – The Good News of Jesus Christ

Why the Cross is Good News

God Really is Love – John 3:16 Explained

  • Man’s Intrinsic Value – Because Love
  • What Agape Love Is
  • The Opposite of Agape Love is Selfishness, Not Hate
  • Eternal Conscious Torment is Not Love
  • God Actually Likes the Humans in the Family of God
  • God Loves His Family

God Really is Just – Justice Demands Forgiveness

  • The Big Trial – I Am Sooooo Guilty!
  • Now THAT’S Unjust
  • We Aren’t Judging God – We Are Judging Theology About God
  • Starting On the Right Foot – A Biblical View of Justice
  • We Are Expected to Understand Justice and Do It
  • God is Better Than Us, Not Worse
  • Punishment is to be Limited, Commensurate with the Crime
  • The Best Monarch
  • Rationalizing Eternal Punishment – Turning Biblical Holiness on its Ear
  • God is Not a Hypocrite
  • Forgive Not, And You Won’t be Forgiven
  • The Capricious God of Evangelical Christianity
  • Conduct, Justice, and the Cross

The Good News of Salvation in Jesus Christ

  • Why Jesus Was Crucified
  • Faith in Jesus Provides Access to Divine Help
  • The Good News of Salvation Outside Jesus Christ
  • Billy Graham – Selling a Solution to a Problem That Doesn’t Exist
  • All the Evangelists in the Bible Who Didn’t Get the Memo About Salvation by Faith
  • If Jesus is Essential Why Was He Left Out?

What Does It Mean to “Believe in Jesus”?

Was There a Cosmic Change When Jesus Was Resurrected?

  • God Provided Avenues for Grace Prior to Christ
  • God Provided Another Avenue for Grace with Christ
  • Getting Right with God by Following the Conscience: Modern Christianity Has Closed the Door

How to Be “Born Again”

  • Born Again in 1978
  • What is “Born Again”?
  • Nicodemus – Educated in a Jewish View of Being Born Again
  • Jesus Explains Being Born Again
  • Our Default Setting at Birth: Good, Righteous, and Born from Above
  • Molding a Child’s God-Given Conscience
  • Peter’s Testimony Regarding Being Born Again
  • John’s Epistle About Being Born Again
  • Paul’s Spiritual Circumcision Equates with Being Born Again
  • How to Get a New Heart and Spirit
  • There Are Many Ways to Say “Born from Above”
  • How to Get Your Name Written in the Lamb’s Book of Life
  • How to Hear from God


PART 5 – God – The Monster We Have Created

The Evangelical Monster God is Bad News

  • Jesus has Become an Instrument of Condemnation
  • Jesus Came to Increase Grace/Opportunity
  • To Whom Little is Given Little is Required
  • Covenant Has Always been About Obedience
  • Evangelical Salvation Theology: A Giant Series of Negative Inference Fallacies
  • Evangelical Salvation Theology: A Giant Series of Taking Things Out of Context
  • The People Outside the Kingdom are the Wicked, Not the Non-Christians
  • The 10,000 Foot View Where God is Gracious

The Monster God of Calvinism is Even Worse News

  • What do Calvinists Believe?
  • This is Why Calvinism is Wrong: It Makes God Out to be an Evil, Sadistic Monster
  • The End of the Debate for Some Calvinists: You Can’t Question God
  • The End of the Debate for Some Other Calvinists: Spiritual People Accept Hard Doctrines
  • Making God a Moral Monster – an Unnecessary Stumbling Stone
  • The False Rest and Comfort of Election
  • The Doctrine of Total Depravity Requires Total Scrutiny
  • The Church’s Achilles Heel: Pride of Literalism
  • Pitting Scripture Against Scripture – Both Sides are Wrong
  • An Appeal for Unity – God’s Way

Theodicy – The Problem of Evil – Solved – by God’s Love


PART 6 – Interpretive Missteps on The Way Back to The Cross

The Problem with Salvation by Systematic Theology

Taking Things Out of Context Leads to Christian Exceptionalism

  • I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; No One Comes to the Father but by Me
  • If You Believe Not That I Am, You Shall Die in Your Sins
  • Salvation is Found in No One Else for There is No Other Name
  • Romans 2 Destroys Christian Exceptionalism
  • Why There Is Remission of Sins Without the Shedding of Blood

Literalism – The Bane of Good Theology

What Kind of Law Are We Talking About Here?


PART 7 – Bringing Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Closer Together

Did the Lamb Sacrifice Save the Jew?

  • What Was the Cross For?
  • How Do Jews Understand It? – Let’s Hear It from the Horse’s Mouth
  • What About the Scapegoat?

“Christ Died For Us” Does Not Mean Penal Substitution Atonement

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to History

  • Jesus Disappointed Jewish Expectations for a Messiah
  • John the Baptist Defines the Savior’s Mission

New Covenant Life in the Old Covenant – and Islam

The New Perspective on Paul – Is This That?



Scriptures That Teach All Men Will Be Judged by Their Conduct, Not Their Belief

Various Scriptures in the Light of Salvation by Being Good

What [the] Hell? – The Terminology of Eternal Suffering

What About Christus Victor?

What About Universalism?


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